Company: Textensor
Products: Forum, Magnum, Annotate
Year: 2017
Position: UX consultant


Textensor is a software company with three products; Magnum and Forum, which deal with the review and management of legal documents for court cases and mergers and acquisitions, respectively. The third product is Annotate, which is an online platform for the annotation and mark-up of documents.

I was brought on to develop a more comprehensive style guide for their products as well create more consistency in the functionality of their products.


I was asked to re-imagine the interfaces and in functional workflows of the products.

I asked the product managers about the top pain-points that the team and users were experiencing. I also asked for any personas that they used. From there I asked for any tickets or series of tickets that might highlight any problems that require UI attention. Finally I asked to speak to the Sales team to see if there were any features their clients were looking for that might be incorporated into a new layout.

From there, I interviewed and worked with front-end developers to ask similar questions and to understand the platform functionality and any other 3rd party vendor services they used (ie/ for dynamic graphs)


Using Balsamiq, I created a comprehensive set of rough mock-ups covering top-tier functionality for presentation and buy-in. I proposed a cleaner, more linear look with better alignment and aesthetic balance that could be scaled between different screen sizes and platforms.

Functionality was stremalined and consistency was improved throughout the products.

Functionality was stremalined and better organized and consistency was improved throughout the products.

Wireframe image showing interface of home page of legal software review panel
Wireframe image showing interface of document selection panel of legal software
Wireframe image showing interface of document tagging panel of legal software
Wireframe image showing interface of dashboard review panel of legal software


Working with the product teams, I identified opportunities to align cross-product functional elements to a complimentary style and look and feel.

From there, I decided to facilitate a series of weekly, hour long meetings with product managers and front-end developers from both products, to :
a) educate teams on the importance of style guides for products and the strategy of implementing them in the development life-cycle
b) determine the scope of a complete, first phase, style guide that could be applied to both products
c) create the common elements by creative decision making, though a voting system and show iterative progress week-by-week.

Over the course of 6 weeks, I had created a  draft  style-guide that would be used to apply to each product.


Image showing various styleguide treatments for progress states for software, including white and grey, maroon and blue options
Image showing high fidelity prototype of software interface for document selection
 Image showing high fidelity prototype of software interface for document stamping tool


Annotate were able to take the style guide and apply it to their product as well as to their product’s web site.

Forum and Magnum product teams are gradually implementing the style guide changes.