Obsessed with pixel perfection and the latest design trends?  You are probably missing the point of why you are designing something and who you are designing it for. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to design and product development ensures less wasted time and money as well as a better outcome for your business and user needs.

I have experience helping organizations reach their development and design goals in the following areas.


Research and Strategy

Know why you are designing something and who your audience is. Good research helps in creating better strategy, design thinking and better problem solving.  I can help organizations achieve this using the following processes:

Strategy and Planning


Information Architecture optimization

Accessibility standards

Persona creation

Customer Journey mapping


Design is the rendering of intent. 
Once you understand why you are designing and who your audience is, I can help you develop your product  design and overall user experience through:




Style guide development

Industrial design (if needed)


Project management

Meeting timelines, ensuring projects are delivered and making sure stakeholders are informed and engaged is a key to the success of any project.
I have extensive experience in the following areas:

Business case development


Vendor management

Business analysis

Stakeholder management


If you are not testing, you are just guessing.  Helping organizations use a variety of evaluation techniques helps validate their product, engage their user base and continue to strive for continual improvement though: 

User testing

Data analysis

Key performance Indicator measurement

Evaluation reports on lessons learned and improvement recommendations.