User Research and Strategy


– Strategy and Planning

– Benchmarking

– Information Architecture

– Accessibility standards

– Personas creation

– Customer Journey mapping

Project management


– Business case development

– Presentations

– Vendor management

– Business analysis

– Stakeholder mananagement




– Wireframes

– Prototyping

– Branding

– Style guide development

– Industrial design

– Print design

Assessing UX maturity

To go forward, you need to know where you stand.

All organizations have different approaches to UX.  Some have mature UX practices embedded in all aspects of their business. Others  are afraid of engaging their users, and believe that UX is something you “sprinkle on” 5 minutes before you ship a product.

If you are curious where your organization is in its approach to UX, or want to further embed UX best practices in your organization,  FAT EARS can help.

UX Auditing (content, design, functionality, etc.)

UX is like a chain.  Its only as strong as its weakest link.

UX is a complicated blend of content, design elements, functionality, brand and so much more.

If any one link is not kept current or up-to-date, the overall experience can suffer.  Taking stock and knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie through audits are an essential part of good UX housekeeping.

Identifying business objectives | Developing and measuring key performance indicators

How do you know if your UX is working?  You need to measure success against business objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Whether looking to improve on your current business practices, or launching a brand new product, organizations need to identify objective and the indicators that they want to use to measure success.

By developing clear objectives and organization can also plan for success by Identifying risks and opportunities.

Measuring the success of KPIs can involve a blend of approaches; data analytics, feedback from surveys and user testing, etc.

Service design

Organizations must always strive to improve the quality and the interaction between service provider and customers.

FAT EARS can help in the  planning and organizing of staff, technical services, design, communications and content that come together to create superior user experiences and ensure products and services are user-friendly, and relevant to the customers.

Style guide development

Consistency in UX is everything!

Organizations who have mature UX practices take the time to develop guidelines that help employees create consistent experiences.  For content, brand, code, design, functionality and service, style guides need constant development.  Adherence to these guides needs to be instilled in employees through, awareness and training.

FAT EARS can help in the development of all manner of style guides and help create strategies for staff awareness and education.

Brand development

Your brand is your organization’s identity.  It is how your audience or customers identify you and differentiate you from your competition. It is ultimately what people become loyal to.

From Brand Positioning to Brand Development, FAT EARS can help your organization develop a brand from scratch or evolve and existing brand to its next iteration.

User testing

If you don’t know who your audience is you aren’t engaging in UX.  If you know your audience and are not regularly engaging with them in the form of testing, or surveys, you are not engaging in UX.

User testing is not a painful experience.  It can be one of the most rewarding and insightful experiences your organization every does, because your audience often has answers that you don’t.

FAT EARS believes in testing often, in many ways, and that everyone in your organization should be aware of how to conduct user testing. From conducting awareness training, testing strategies, test plans, and testing workshops, FAT EARS can help your organization on its way to reaching your clients

Business Analysis

A good business analyst is worth their weight in gold.

Being able to understand your organization’s business processes is the first step in understanding where to start improving.

FAT EARS can help your organization map out end-to-end processes, be able to determine where efficiencies can be realized, and where technology can support or replace manual processes.

Information management (taxonomies, metadata, information architecture)

Content is, and always will be king (or queen).

Being able to properly organize and categorize the content of your site/product/software is the most important function on a day-to-day basis.  Information architecture and management can often drive the technical architecture of your product.

FAT EARS’s expertise in information and content management strategies is very advanced.  Whatever the scope of your organization’s content or information requirements, FAT EARS can help to better optimize how you use, present, manage and measure your information. Specialties in taxonomy and metadata strategies, Information management and architecture, content strategies.

Roadmap consulting for Product, Design and Technical development

Roadmaps are plans that help an organization plan for it short, medium and long term goals.

An organization’s technical, product, marketing and business roadmaps should all work in tandem and support one another in order to identify opportunities and risks, and to ensure a greater degree of success in reaching goals.

FAT EARS can help your organization plan and coordinate your various roadmaps to ensure more efficient planning and better outcomes.