Company: North West Carers
Services: Re-branding proposal
Year: 2016-17
Position: Member of Board of Directors

North West Carers is a Scottish charity, based in Edinburgh, that provides support and services for individuals who care for the elderly, sick or those who have disabilities


North West Carers is a very small charity who were in the process of looking to change their name and their corporate entity and brand.

I was part of the board of directors and was asked to help come up with a new name and brand. a marketing and re-branding exercise for board member and staff to help come up with a new corporate brand identity.


I needed to find out why the organization was looking to change name and brand, aside from just changing the aesthetics and look and feel.

I engaged my fellow members to find out what a new name and a new brand would do for the organization and found out that the charity was looking to re-incorporate, change its constitution and alter its service offerings.


I worked with my fellow board members to determine the scope of change that the organization was willing to undertake regarding it brand identity.  Over the course of several board meetings, I facilitated awareness workshops to educate the director about the importance of building a brand and brand awareness.  I facilitated the directors in  brainstorming exercises to tease out brand value and statements and possible new names for the charity that were appropriate for the new corporate entity. To support these exercises, I created different brand documentation and artifacts.

I finally created a brand exercise presentation for the general assembly to create awareness, and buy-in for a potential new brand.


I finally created a new brand using all of the input from my previous meeting.


The charity is in the process of finalizing a change in their constitution that will allow them to officially be know as Capital Carers.  Once this is complete, they will re-launch their new web site and brand.