Company: Domus Research Lab
: Trend research for the Canadian market
Year: 2003
Position: Researcher


During my Masters in Industrial Design in Milan, the automaker Fiat was working with Domus Research Lab to conduct future trend research to expand its reach in different global markets with a new products line (the re-modeled Fiat 500).

I was selected by the Domus Research Lab to conduct trend market trend research in various sectors in the Canadian market. Research had to include the automotive, fashion, architecture and interior design, product design sectors and culinary sectors.

I also had to create a psychological profile of the “modern Canadian woman” and outline aspects of what women in Canadian society aspire to, covet, how they interact and how they value family, friends and careers.


I relied heavily on research from prominent women’s magazines in the Canadian market and on on-line research.

I also researched Canadian architecture and interior design, architecture trends, automotive sales, top selling vacation packages, clothing and accessories, homewares and the childcare industry in Canada.

To get a sense of the psychological profile of the Canaidan women I researched columns in magazines and periodicals that were targetted towards women and mothers.

I was also able to create a small set of interview questions that I sent to my female friends and acquaintances via email to gauge the how they thought and what they valued in life.


I presented my findings to Domus Research Lab in a series of presentations and reports. This helped Fiat gain better insight into the Canadian market, and an understanding of the psychology of the Canadian female consumer.