This is a Flash presentation from 2003 that was created for a project that I worked on for the Tiles Association of Italy. 

The project and presentation were so well received that prototypes of our product were made and were displayed, along with this presentation, in the Modern Art Gallery of Bologna.

This is another Flash presentation from 2003 for a future concept cellular phone proposal for Mitsubishi for the year 2013 :).  Our group worked with the well known industrial designer, Marc Sadler to develop a future generation cell phone with completely different form, materials functionality, and interface.  The phone was supposed to function in a completely interconnected world with (like the world we have today) and have features that would harness these technological capabilities.

This is a proof of concept that I have been working on.  It uses static images from a large scale drawing (see photos below) that I made in Toronto and have set to a one of my favorite songs.

No alterations to the drawings (aside from being digitally cut out in Photoshop) have been made.  I wanted to see how dynamic I could make the piece without changing the original drawn elements.